New South meets the Old West...
Hidden Creek Ranch Beckons
Would-Be Cowpokes

Ky Vinsant slips into a white hat and saddle the way a bird slips into springtime - natural, graceful, confident and when you see it, things feel a little more right with the world. Vinsant, 53, who grew up in Cahaba Heights, left behind his city upbringing and his construction company nearly 5 years ago and returned to the Sterrett cattle and horse ranch his family has owned for more than 40 years.

Spurred by his love of the Old West, Vinsant and his wife, Leslie, are transforming the Hidden Creek Ranch. They envision a living, working homage to a generation of cowboy heroes such as John Wayne, who captured the imagination of kids, dads and granddads in the last half of the 20th century.

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Our faith and trust in God drive all that we do at Hidden Creek Ranch of Hope. Although religious education in the lives of children is important, we recognize that each family has its own unique beliefs and spiritual traditions. As a non-profit Christian organization, we do provide opportunities for religious or spiritual discussion but we do not and will not enforce these practices on any participants in the program.


Nestled in the valleys of the southern Appalachian Mountains is a beautiful piece of history preserved
for those who long to experience a time when cowboys roamed the open range, herded cattle, broke horses,
and slept under the stars. Many say this was a simpler life but whatever your view almost all can agree
that we are fascinated with cowboys and horses. Our goal at Hidden Creek Ranch is to let people experience
this way of life. You have heard the saying “How the West was Won” well in this modern day society we have
our own saying that sums up our vision at Hidden Creek Ranch and that is “HOW THE WEST WAS ONCE”.
Come and enjoy it for yourself.

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